Surgical and Restorative Strategies

Surgical and Restorative Strategies

Module Overview


Dr. Sonia Leziy and Dr. Brahm Miller (clinical perspectives)

Nico Pienaar and Klaus van der Meer (working with the technician)

Module Format

Brief overview lecture

Live demonstrations


Course handout


Numerous surgical and restorative approaches can be considered in implant based oral rehabilitation, ranging from delayed/late implant placement and restoration to immediate implant placement at the time of extraction, along with conventional/delayed restoration protocols to immediate restoration. This module will expose the participant to:

  • There are numerous surgical approaches used today, with emphasis on procedures used in aesthetic zone:
  • Case selection for delayed versus immediate implant placement protocols will be discussed and demonstrated;
  • Immediate implant placement at the time of extraction: discussion and demonstration topics will focus on the pros/cons of        different implant designs with respect to primary stability and maintained stability during the early integration phase, implant size/position, grafting of the residual horizontal defect and management of ridge anatomy defects,  when tissue grafting is required and illustration of surgical techniques for graft harvesting and recipient site preparation (see tissue biotype module).
  • Case selection criteria and techniques for immediate restoration. Procedures for the surgical team member will be reviewed.