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Hard Tissues

Hard Tissues

Module Overview

Loss of one or more teeth generally translates into variable degrees of vertical and horizontal ridge resorption. This can complicate restoratively driven implant placement and can have a profound negative effect on the soft tissue framework around an implant restoration. This module will explore the ridge remodeling process and highlight treatment strategies aimed at reducing damage to bone during the extraction process and techniques/materials routinely used to maintain or enhance the ridge architecture for optimized 3-D implant placement.


Dr. Sonia Leziy

Module Format

Brief lecture supported by demonstration cases. Time permitting, hands-on model-based ridge preservation procedures and augmentation procedures with block grafts and particulate allografts with Sonic-Weld technology.
4.0 Hours


Handouts will be provided summarizing relevant literature, product information and related documents, techniques or procedural steps.


  1. Exposure to current extraction tools aimed at simplifying the extraction procedure while minimizing damage to bone. Instruments such as the BENEX extraction system, Golden forceps, piezosurgery, periotomes and new extraction-elevators will be among the instruments demonstrated.
  2. When is it appropriate or recommended to consider ridge preservation? When is ridge preservation not recommended or contraindicated. Material selection and use will be presented in lecture and demonstration format.
  3. Ridge augmentation: understanding and predicting the outcome of ridge augmentation procedures in the planning phase. The diverse approaches to treatment and materials available will be explored.
    • Managing horizontal and vertical ridge deficiencies with a variety of bone and membrane material options.
    • Flap design, site preparation, material adaptation, tension-free flap closure will be demonstrated.
    • Suturing techniques and materials will be reviewed.