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Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning

Module Overview


Dr. Sonia Leziy and Dr. Brahm Miller (surgical/prosthetic planning)

Nico Pienaar and Klaus van der Meer (the technicians – preparing for radiographic evaluation and surgical intervention)

Guest lecturers – radiology

Industry representatives – imaging devices and 3D planning software programs

Module Format

Lecture and clinical session: clinical and radiographic assessment of the patient and the proposed treatment area from the surgical and restorative perspectives.

Laboratory session: fabricating the surgical guide

Discussion session: interpreting CBCTs


Course handout


Planning before treating – regardless of level of experience! This fundamentally important module focuses on the importance of diagnosis and treatment planning. This session will review the key aspects of the planning process:

  1. The clinical examination and record collection: smile analysis, periodontal framework, restorative condition and occlusion;
  2. Highlight the decision-making process for the transitional and definitive restorative plan prior to surgery.
  3. The value of data acquired with CBCTs for assessment of anatomy, identification of potential risks for ridge augmentation and implant placement, and planning implant position from a restorative perspective;
  4. Expose the participant to 3D planning with a variety of software systems.