Advanced Learning

Advanced Learning


2017 To Be Determined

Course Summary

This course is limited to a maximum of 10 clinicians per session. Set in a clinic setting, this intimate environment is ideal for the experienced implant clinician seeking didactic, hands-on and clinical experiences in live practice setting.

make knowledge will include two days of intense learning encompassing both surgical and restorative procedures that are essential for the successful esthetic outcomes in implant dentistry. Hands-on procedures on models and pigs-jaws will be used to reinforce specific techniques and concepts. Pivotal steps in the treatment process will be emphasized. The course will focus on procedures that are often overlooked or poorly understood but that are essential for enchanted hard and soft tissue outcomes, including the development of the transmucosal tissue form as developed by the provisional restoration. Transfer of information to the technician, idealized abutment design and use of various restorative materials will also be presented.

Course Objectives

  • Increase your knowledge and comfort in planning and carrying out immediate implant placement procedures.
  • Understand the impact of position on restorative material selection and esthetic outcomes.
  • Learn more about which bone graft materials offer structural stability advantages in immediate implant placement scenarios.
  • Elevate your proficiency in gingival graft harvesting procedures: donor and receptor site management.
  • Equip you to identify cases where immediate provisionalization can be planned, but understand the clinical decision process in implementing this treatment step.
  • Master implementable techniques to impress single implants with developed transmucosal tissue form.
  • Understand the value of verification jigs for implant supported fixed partial denture restorations.
  • Receive key instructions for your laboratory on abutment design, handling and material selection.
  • Observe demonstrated cementation techniques to minimize cement trapping.
  • Update your knowledge on what cements and all-ceramic solutions are available to you today while Identifying risk factors for material and esthetic complications.

Course Overview