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Learning and improving as clinicians fundamentally relies on the sharing of knowledge. – Sonia Leziy

Imperio+ contributes to the advancement of all dental disciplines through their commitment to education both locally and internationally. They achieve this in their local VIP Study Club Рin sharing their knowledge and experience through world class  lectures in the international forum Рand by opening their doors to dental professionals seeking advanced learning in a live practice setting.

Advanced Learning

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Advanced Surgical & Restorative Procedures
2 days of intense learning in twelve modules

VIP Study Club

Yearly Study Club Membership
Total Case Management
Mentor and peer-supported in a knowledge sharing environment.

Lecture Tour

Where can you find us this year?
Recognized for the last 10 years by Dentistry Today, Sonia and Brahm are cited as among the top 100 clinicians for continuing education, featuring insightful and cutting edge presentations, with practical applications, concepts and materials to take back to clinical practice.